Juan & Heidi’s wedding

We traveled to my motherland for the very special occasion of my younger brother’s wedding. We lucked out in finding a good deal on LAN airlines, which took us all the way from Los Angeles to Mendoza, with a pit stop in Lima (Peru) and a plane change in Santiago of Chile.

On Thursday April 5th, at the humble Mendoza airport, my parents were waiting for us. We had a schedule to follow, so after many hugs and kisses, we were headed out to Hotel Uspallata, up in the Andes. This is where the wedding was taking place on Saturday, and where we would stay until Sunday.

Road up the hill - taken from the car!It was wonderful to head up into the imposing Andes. I wanted to stop everywhere to take pictures, but I decided to instead relax and take in the view without a viewfinder in the way.

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I got SO married

Kelly and I got married on July 24th. Our ceremony was incredible, our reception was unforgettable, and I am now officially the luckiest man on Earth.

Tomorrow, we leave on our honeymoon. The destination: Australia (Sydney and Cairns) and Fiji. Oooooh yeah!
We’re packing our suitcases right now, so I’ll have to share about our wedding day when we come back from our honeymoon, in a couple of weeks.

Until then,

~The Aguileras