Reno Zombie Crawl Recap

Wow, that was fun!
There ended up being a lot more zombies than I -or anyone else- expected. Some people counted over a hundred at times! Most bars couldn’t handle the sheer amount of thirsty, loud, smelly zombies, so eventually the zombie mob disbanded into multiple smaller mobs.
As predicted, there were some awesome zombies, with very elaborate make up, and there were some that hadn’t put too much effort into it. As you can see, I probably fell somewhere in the middle, and almost looked like the Joker.
At any rate, on top of being a zombie, and enjoying all the drink specials at every bar that we went, I had a special assignment. I had magically landed my first freelance photography gig, and it was to get action shots of the Crawl!
Luckily, I was able to get about a dozen of decent shots, which fulfilled the request, and the pictures I took are on It’s kind of cool to see my pictures on some sort of publication!
However, I doubt I’ll ever make a living out of this. It’s a small hobby, and if I get paid to do something I like, even better!

To sum up:
1) I got paid to take pictures for the first time ever.
2) Zombies are cool, and it was a great way to spend Halloween night.
3) Reno nightlife kicks ass.