The 2010s

As the calendar marks a new decade, I feel an obligation/need to review the one that has just wrapped up.

Between January 1st 2010, and December 31st 2019, I certainly have had a lot of living. I feel very fortunate of being able to enjoy so many things, so many freedoms, and so many experiences. For ease of writing (and probably reading ayyy), things are grouped/divided in : profession, hobbies, travel, family, friends, love

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By 2010, I had become a comfortable sysadmin at Reno Diagnostic Centers, and my role started to expand into PACS/RIS administration - Radiology specific applications. Eventually I grasped how IT serves the business as a whole and ideas kicked in, and when in 2013 I got promoted to IT Manager, the full curtain was lifted and I got more involved in work areas outside of technology. I had to hire, fire, budget, report to boards, deal with vendors, lead meetings, and still perform sysadmin and even helpdesk duties. Some soul searching revealed this wasn't where I really wanted to grow, and decided to seek out a more technical role.

In the summer of 2016, the stars aligned somewhat obscurely, and I landed at a Systems Engineer role at Scientific Games (old Bally Technologies in Reno). I deployed infrastructure in casinos around the US (mostly for tribal gaming in Washington state, but a few notable destinations included Las Vegas, Syracuse, St Louis, and the Arizona desert). Despite enjoying the technical aspects of the job, I really struggled with how work got planned, done, and recognized at SG. I was vocal and tried to affect change, eventually following the "If you can't change the company, change the company".

In the summer of 2018, I joined Clear Capital, in what felt like finally finding the right role and company for me: I'm very satisfied with the work I do, the people I work with, and being responsible for a complex environment that supports a large and important operation. A more descriptive post about what I do for a living sounds in order... soon.


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