Running Goals for 2020

It's confirmed, I'm into running. I'm signed up to run four races this year.

Three half-marathons, part of the 2020 Reno Races Running Series. My goal is to stay healthy and run the 3rd race faster than the first. Reno being a small little city, there will be familiar faces. Running faster than all/most/any of them would be an added bonus.

The other event is the Reno Tahoe Oddyssey, which I'm no stranger to: this will be my 10th time running 178 miles around Reno and Tahoe. Except for this time, it'll be just 6 of us and we'll be in the ultra category -because each of us will run around 29 miles. We're setting a team goal of finishing under 24 hours, which comes out to needing am average pace of 8:05 minutes per mile. That's a little faster than my usual fast pace... should be a fun challenge.

Follow me on Strava to keep an eye on my training activties! Link: And stay tuned for race reports! :)