2012 in retrospect

2012 was a year of growth.

Some of this growth came as the result of careful planning, or hard work towards a goal.
Professionally, I poured a lot of energy into a project that was in the making for over a year, and switched the 2 core applications that our business runs on to a brand new vendor: A PACS and a RIS.
There were long hours with long to-do lists, gallons of coffee drank to make it through countless conference calls and a lot of opportunity for learning. The execution of the project wasn’t flawless, but nowadays apparently nothing is 100% right on v1.0; and with that standard I suppose one could say we succeeded.

Musically, I ended up using a Mixtrack Pro DJ controller (that I got Kelly from Craigslist for her birthday) as my tool to finally find a way to express myself musically. I’ve never played an instrument, but I’ve been a fan of electronic music for a long time, and this finally somehow came together.
I set up my controller with a laptop, and into our home sound system. I’ve DJ’d in our living room since May, and in the very end of the year I found the thrill that can be found in DJing at a party to try to get people to dance. If you’d like, you can listen to the set I did at a party for New Years right here!

Athletically, I applied myself in the gym to finally hit my goal of deadlifting 315 lbs with decent form, and basically real-life RPG’d with most of my points coming from free weights to be a cool level 35 on Fitocracy.
Serendipity also brought me to finally give Yoga an honest try, and I seem to have discovered something quite excellent. I’ve found Yoga to be a bit more than doing stretches that feel amazing once you understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Yoga has filled my agnostic-based spiritual gap with the reassurance that living in the now, letting things flow and being oneself are the means to that feeling of wholeness.

Spiritually, read the above. And the below.

Some challenges came uninvited and unannounced. They were like little monsters, bearers of bad news. But that’s life, right? Bad things come our way all the time. ( good times come by too).

Most little monsters can be seen from far away, and with time and experience, you figure out how to make sure they don’t make their way into your little bubble, your fortress and your castle. I figure these skills are learned from our upbringings, or how we come out from life events (breakups, school, friendships, traveling around the world and finding out that you are actually not the center of the universe).

But there are a few monsters that are not that little. There are monsters that have taken a ride on other monsters, and they come in herds. You might knock down a dozen, but a few are just too close and BOOM, you got hit by a not so little monster, and now it’s trouble.
This monster is digging deep, going places that aren’t explored and making you chase it. It’s dark and scary there. The monster leaves behind distractions, traps that make you wonder if maybe you should just give up, let the monster get away and just go back to watching some more reality TV.


Altogether, 2012 taught me one of life’s biggest lessons yet, and the easiest way to explain it for me is to keep going with the analogy.
Some of those monsters mean no harm and know us so well that they make it past all our defenses, they’re practically impossible to beat. These monsters are actually wise teachers who have lost patience with our distractedness, and it’s no longer OK to not pay attention. This wise and now apparently wrathful monster does not mind knocking us down until we can’t move, if that’s what it will take to make us listen.

But when we listen to this wise beast, and give up the fight -because we either surrender or we are just too tired to fight anymore- we discover the source of something unique and beautiful.

Year 2012 was one to be remembered. It was the year that above anything, I found the biggest fountain of happiness that there could be: the true love of my wife, who shared a journey of her own and trusted me with her heart and soul. To add to the list of things that apply to the format I ___ Kelly ( such as “love”, “adore”, “cherish” and “can’t stop thinking about”), I am unforgettably proud of her. Her love continues to fulfill me, and it makes anything and everything better.
I know a lot of people that say that 2012 was not a good year. It wasn’t so bad for me, but that’s because the love that I’ve found with Kelly surpasses everything that could be bad.

I’m sorry bad news. There was a bunch of you, and you sucked big time. But I can’t, won’t and don’t let you win. You can keep trying, but 2012 was a year that made me stronger. Now please go away and let 2013 be a bit more gentle so we can have a bit more fun, yeah?


PS: We got a puppy! I could write forever about her, maybe another day.

Jovi and Kelly in SierraVille
Jovi and Kelly in SierraVille


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  1. con la traducción al español, me quedé en las nubes en varias oportunidades y me imaginé el contenido. Tratá de leer con le traductor , a ver si entendés algo. 🙂

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