Vacation time!

Tomorrow morning, we head out on a little trip to celebrate our 1st year of married life.
In a nutshell, here’s the itinerary:

  • Leave Reno at 3AM (in about 6 hours!). Destination: San Francisco. By car.
  • Leave San Francisco at noonish. Destination: Heathrow, London, England.
  • England – Paris via the fancy Eurostar.
  • Paris to Amsterdam in some sort of high-speed train.
  • Amsterdam to Berlin.
  • Berlin to San Francisco.
  • Drive from San Francisco and get home.

We’re so excited! Bags are packed, camera batteries are ready, and our passports and plane/train tickets are lined up.
We don’t have any idea of when we’ll be getting online again, but if I can, I might try to push a picture or a small update up to here… otherwise, look for a trip report sometime in August!

Au revoir,

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