Febo is around Amsterdam.
It’s self-serve, it’s fast-food. You pick up your dinner from a vending machine. Kind of awesome, kind of weird. We are still more on the “weird” side of the opinion spectrum, and have not tried it.


Bike Tour of Amsterdam

Went on a 4-hour, 23km guided bike tour into the Dutch countryside. Tons of fun!
Our guide was Petra, who had a really well decorated bike and an even more colorful personality, and we saw mansions, a cheese farm, a clogs shop, heaps of bridges and even an old windmill. It was a great way to discover Amsterdam. We took lots of pictures, but here’s one of our guide Petra, from “Mike’s bike tours”:



We made it t our next destination!

Amsterdam is so far my favorite, and we’ve only been here for 5 hours!
Must be all the bikes -and how much less traffic there is, which makes it a much quieter large city- or the canals with the cool little boats… Or maybe it’s just because today was sunny and warm (a first time combination on our trip), but something about this place is just awesome.

Tomorrow’s plans include doing a bike tour around town and the country-side, and in the evening we’re going to visit the mothership H&M store.

But I would already wear an ” I <3 Amsterdam". It's like a Burning Man in the actual default world: bikes, weird people and a great vibe.

In Paris

We are in France!!
The Internet kiosk at the hotel isn’t cheap, but I can get online using my iPhone from our room, on a random wifi network. Not the best for typing… So, this will be short:
I can now see why Buenos Aires is called the Paris of South America.
My French is horrible, but I think we’ll manage with it, English and Spanish.
Lastly: today is July 24th, and a year ago I married a wonderful person. I’m very grateful to have her, and to be so lucky to be able to celebrate our anniversary in such a magnificent way.