2010 in review

2010 was a year of many things.

  • This year I finally got into cooking like I’d been wanting to do for years. Thanks to a few cookbooks, E-Mealz, Saveur Magazine, and the inspiration from friends I’ve gone from being able to boil some water and throw some pasta in it to spending hours in the kitchen in order to prepare just one meal.
    My upbringing definitely had something to do with how much I value home cooked meals. My parents cooked 2 meals a day for at least 95% of every single month, and I’d been missing that too much when I was eating out more than at home.
    When I read Anthony Bourdain’s book “Medium Raw“, I particularly enjoyed the episode where he talks about how much of an elemental skill it is to know how to cook at least a handful of basic meals -and agree with it. Even though I’d already started my culinary efforts, I think that it’s a good motivator and that it’s a great mindset. People should know how to cook things that are more involved than unwrapping something and nuking it for a couple of minutes. I’m not saying that everyone should be prepared to feed everyone for Thanksgiving, but that making dinner once or twice a week is a good investment of time. I say that from my experience. It’s satisfying, gratifying and fun. And, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it can even be delicious.
  • Athletic accomplishment. For unexplainable reasons, I’d always wanted to do a triathlon. Last year, I got my feet wet in the field, and in July I did my first olympic distance triathlon, and it was an exhilarating experience. I can still remember the moment when I sprinted through the finish line with a fist in the air, feeling pretty damn tootin’ good about myself.
    But the accomplishment wasn’t just about finishing the race in less than 3 hours. The training that went into it brought me much joy as well, specially with running and swimming. Every time I went out to train for the race, I looked forward to it, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Getting ready for the race was beyond a task that felt like a pre-requirement, it was fun and gratifying in and of itself.
  • 2010 also changed my work environment for the better. If you asked me what I liked about my job 3 years ago, I would have answered that I liked the people I worked with. I was very lucky to be in the company of 3 guys who made every workday fun, and their friendships made my job feel like not much of a chore. There were certainly times when we were stressing out, but being in a team with them made it all more of an adventure and less of a sucky task.
    Fast-forwarding to now, a lot has changed. My workday is a lot more professional, I handle a much bigger responsibility load and while I do have a friendly relationship with my co-workers, I’ve found friendships outside of work, making it easy to focus on my job while I’m doing my job. One of the biggest mental landmarks that makes me feel more “professional” was when I learned to configure hanging protocols for the radiologists, and I started talking their talk. Something changed, I think I earned a bit more respect from the radiologists when they felt like I knew what they wanted to accomplish and I was more into their world, even if it was just a miniscule amount.
  • On July 24th of this year, I married my other. That day is forever etched in my memory, with lots of visual and emotional queues riding along in my synapses somewhere. Even though Kelly has made me happy for over two years, this was the year that I started calling her my wife, and our love for each other was recognized in the form of matrimony.
    The week leading up to our wedding was wonderful. My parents stayed with us and we shared many good moments, including me welcoming them with a nice home-cooked meal that surprised both of them because it was actually super tasty! (full-circle post right here).
    Our honeymoon was incredible. Definitely one of the highlights of this year: New countries, exotic experiences, my wife and me. Nothing better than that.

2010 was good to me. I’m looking forward to the next year!