MOvember 2010

For the 4th year in a row, I’m growing a moustache during Movember (the month dedicated to growing a Mo to raise funds and awareness towards prostate and testicular cancer).

On the 1st of the month, I shaved off the goatee I’d sported for the last 10+ months. Kelly was there supporting me, and she shed some tears as I immediately aged 15 years backward and I looked 13 all over again.

The whole point of this ridiculous effort is to get the word out about cancers that affect men. People ask about my looks, and my answer is clear: the hair above my lip is my ribbon in show of support for survivors, and my desire to find a cure and better treatment.

If you’d like to make a donation to the cause in the name of my Moustache, just click right here. Your donation is tax deductible, and will certainly be put to good use. It’s not just about giving men all across the globe an excuse to look dapperly handsome, the Movember foundation is certainly making positive outcomes a reality.

Last year, we started the City of ReMO team, and reached out to hundreds of citizens of our little city to raise just a bit over $11,000 for the cause. It was great, and we did a good job at getting the word out.
Building on what we did last year, this year the City of ReMO is a network of teams, covering over 400 people with one common goal: raising $25,000 in one month. As of this writing, we’re right on track, but check out the network’s official page to see the amount raised live:

This year I’ve been interviewed a lot, which has been fun! See for yourself:

  • I was on the “15 minutes” of the Reno News & Review.
  • The Nevada Sagebrush wrote a pretty good article, and I’m quoted there for yet another bit of immortality.
  • Chris Payne from 100.9 KRZQ FM hosted us for a 15 minute PSA that aired on a Sunday morning. It was great chance to spread some information, and you can listen to it here:
  • Channel 2 news (KTVN) interviewed me and I was on TV three times on one day (slow news day, yay for me!). I can’t find the video up anymore, but a transcript of sorts is available right here.

The other cool side-note about Movember this year is that I’ve taken the opportunity to take some creative self-portraits. It’s been a lot of fun, getting goofy in front of my camera, and you can witness the full set here:

Seriously, if you think any of this is interesting, cool, funny, innovative or worthwhile, please make a donation to the cause. Even though I put humor into it, it’s a serious fundraiser, and I’d appreciate your support of my efforts. Just go right here and donate what you can. Even a dollar makes a difference.

Donate to my silly Mo!