I’m doing an Olympic Triathlon!

If you remember, I did a Sprint Triathlon last year, and I loved it. Since I won’t be able to make it to this year’s edition of the Pyramid Lake triathlon (I’ll be honeymooning in Australia and Fiji), I’ve decided to instead take part of another tri… and because I think being exhausted is fun, I’m doing a longer distance one, an Olympic distance one!

The event of choice is the Silicon Valley International Triathlon, which will be just south of San Jose in Californi on June 13th (just a month and a half from now!). Kelly and I will make a weekend-trip out of the thing, but Sunday morning I’ll be sweating amongst hundreds of other people.

The event consists of:

  • 1500 meter swim. This is almost a mile!
  • 24.9 miles (40 Kilometers) on the bike.
  • 6.2 miles running – a full 10k.

Now, I’ve got a goal time to finish in. Considering that I finished the sprint Tri of last year in 1 hour and 41 minutes and all of the following things…

  • The Olympic/International distance is double the distance of a Sprint.
  • I have a better bike!
  • I weigh at least 15lbs less than last year.
  • I’ve been swimming at least once a week, and will continue to do so to be ready for this race.
  • I’ll have a wetsuit, either borrowed or rented, but some buoyancy help for sure!
  • The race is at sea level, which should give me a small oxygen advantage.
  • The longer distance means that I’ll be going slower, so as to not burn out.
  • I haven’t been running as much as last year.

My realistic goal time is then exactly the double of the sprint: 3 hours and 20 minutes. But I’ll be pushing myself to finish in under 3 hours. I think it’s doable, and I’m going to be training hard to try to make it happen.

If anything, all the training I’m doing will help me accomplish my goals of being in shape and looking good for the summer!

Fitness challenge officially started!

Even though my DEXA scan was a couple of weeks ago, today was the official start of the weight-loss competition at work. I’m really hoping that while I started being extremely careful about my eating, other competitors waited until today to start… which should mean that I’ve had an extra 2 weeks to work towards my goal; a head-start if you will.

At any rate, I met with the trainer: Shelly Wilkin from Sierra Body Works. The 20 minute talk was pretty reassuring that I’ve been doing the right thing, since she said that it’ll be a great way to get my to my goal of 18% body fat.
Right now, at 22% BF, my body is composed of 39lbs of fat and 131lbs of lean tissue. If when I get to 18% BF, my body’s composition would will be 140lbs of leanness and 30 lbs of fat. So, the plan is to lose fat and replace it with muscle. Ahoy, here we go!