To Mendoza!

Cerro De La Gloria, originally uploaded by . JoNiuX .

Yesterday, Kelly and I reserved our plane tickets to go to my hometown, Mendoza. We will be arriving on June 10th, and we’ll stay in Argentina for a whole two weeks. I’m already way excited about it!
The plans include seeing the family, showing Kelly around the places where I grew up, and eating a lot of delicious food. Of course we’ll do a few touristy things, which most definitely will involve several wine-tastings in many of Mendoza’s awesome wineries

Our flight back will leave from Buenos Aires on June 23rd. We are planning on heading over to the Paris of South America a few days early, and spend time walking around and checking things out.

I’ve started to teach Kelly some localized Spanish. She already refers to Argentines as boludos. I think it’s a step in the right direction.

Car accident

It was a Tuesday morning. January 27th, 2009. The sun had just come out, and it was shining barely above the horizon. The air was cold, and the morning dew was frozen everywhere in a thin layer upon lawns, cars and their windshields.
I scraped my windshield as I tried to warm up both my car and my sleepy muscles.
I start driving down the street, squinting as the sun reflects into my sleepy eyes.

My car stops moving. I look to the left. There’s a Toyota pickup truck stuck against the front of my car. Right in front of me. I quickly assess my physical condition: no broken bones and all body parts respond to my signals.  Good.
I want to go outside my car, but there’s no way my door is opening. It’s jammed shut. I open the passenger door and walk outside my good ole Scion xA. I reach for my iPhone to take a camera of what I see, which I now share with you:

Car CrashI look at the red truck, and quickly realize that he wasn’t as laborious, and his windshields are still quite frosty. I try to figure out how exactly he crashed into me, but I decide to leave that kind of question for when there’s an authority on the scene to witness it.

The other driver and I quickly exchange polite salutations, make sure everyone’s ok, and get on our phones. I call Progressive, and they quickly get right down to business. A tow truck is dispatched, and paperwork is already in motion.

Shortly afterwards, the police shows up, and as soon as the officer gets out of his vehicle, he tells the tow truck to move the cars out of the street. He can tell that I wasn’t at fault, and gets ready to file out all the papers.

Fast forward to the afternoon. My car is at a body shop, I’m at work, and Progressive gives me a call. They tell me my car has been deemed as totaled. They tell me how much my car was worth before the crash, I agree, and they explain that they’ll pay off my car loan, and whatever’s left of that, will be put in a check for me. So we do that, and within 12 hours, everything has been taken care of. Progressive? More like Impressive.

For about a week, I get around town on my bicycle. It’s awesome. But I quickly discover a sharp pain on my right knee. It looks like I hit it against the console of the car when I got crashed into, and it hurts to pedal. Shit, more pressure to find a replacement car.

Honda Civic

After considering many options, I am now a happy driver of a 2004 Honda Civic LX, with manual transmission, backed up with the Honda used car certification. It all just worked out for me in the end.