Well, hello there. It’s been a while since I posted. Since last year, in fact. So, let me catch you up to speed.

I’m in love. Let me tell you who I’m in love with.

New Year's Eve celebrationKelly  has been part of my life since 1999. It’s really quite the story. We first talked on AOL when I was an exchange student. You know, the typical A/S/L kind of conversation.
I remember the first day we met face to face. I was playing soccer with the school team. She had just finished her cheerleading practice, and she came over to say hi, in her uniform and all. We awkwardly shook hands, and she walked away, giggling. Seems like so long ago!

However, between then and 2006, our interaction was little and infrequent (me living in Argentina between 2000 and 2003 certainly didn’t help). We’d run into each other here and there, but never “hang out”. Her circle of friends and life intersected mine in the smallest of ways.

In the beginning of 2007,  when my (ex)wife kicked me out of the house, I forced myself to re-establish relationships and friendships. Kelly was one of them.
I sent her a message over Mypace, asking her if she’d like to meet up and catch up. I honestly wasn’t looking for a hot date, I was just trying to reach out and make some friends. We met at Bully’s, had a burger and talked for a few hours. We caught up. We said goodbye. Nothing more.
After that, things get blurry. We chatted online frequently, several times a week. We joined Twitter at about the same time. We rode our bicycles in the Reno Critical Mass meetups
Since she would often talk about how much it sucked being single, I tried to hook her up with every one of my single friends. She gave them all a shot, but nothing ever came out of any of the encounters.
As time passed, we became good friends. Even though we’d rarely get to chat in person, we’d talk over the intertubez quite often, about all sorts of different things… from superficial silly things like the weather and sharing links to YouTube videos, to deeper and more private things that involved feelings, thoughts and all that stuff that makes you feel like you know someone better, and that they’re letting you in on something that only a few know.

Fast forward to the end of November of 2008, and I was single again. After putting 1 and 1 together, I asked her out on a date. She said yes right away, which I took as a good sign.
The day came. A nice dinner, a few glasses of fine wine, and 5 hours later, I dropped her off at her house, and that was the beginning of the transition…  going from good friends, to falling head over heels in love. This moment was marked with a most intense and welcome good night kiss.

Within a few weeks, we made it “official” and changed out status on Facebook to “in a relationship”. We did it together, in the living room of her house. It was quite the romantic moment. Gotta love technology!

She invited me to her family’s house to have Christmas dinner, which I took as another very good sign. If I was good enough to be introduced to the parents -on Christmas day, none the less-, I wasn’t just a passing thing.
My Christmas present from her was a framed picture of her school portrait. To most people, this might be the lamest thing you could come up with, but I found it to be an excellent gift. The gesture told me “I want you to think of me, I want you to remember me”. And I do just that, as I get to see her smiling face on the corner of my work desk, every day from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm.

 Less than a month after our first date, I realized I was madly in love. Luckily, I found out the feeling was mutual. Despite such a short time of actually dating, we talked about how it felt as if we’d been together for much longer. I guess being good friends before moving forward has worked pretty well for us.

Kelly is a teacher, a traveler, a peace lover, a dreamer. She’s just awesome, and there are no words in any language to fairly describe the things about her that lead me to being so twitterpated. Just take my word for it.

A few weeks ago, she went back and read through my blog, from the beginning in 2005 to today. In case you didn’t know, there’s a lot of history here! I posted while I was married, I posted while I was going through a divorce, while I dated other people and anywhere in between. And Kelly didn’t take it negatively. She’s not jealous of my past. She sees it the way I see it: Such was the bumpy path that took me to where I am now. These were the experiences that shaped me into who and what I am. There is no shame in admitting one’s mistakes, or finding out about someone else’s path.
Likewise, I am not jealous of her past, or online writings. Her blog has a lot of history, stories of being happy with someone else, and then broken hearted. Stories of being loved, and of lonely.
I enjoy reading her blog posts, always have. Her few latest posts made me feel like I needed to start explaining what’s going on with me and her, before it’s too late and I have a long story to explain (several paragraphs later, I feel like it’s indeed to late, and this is becoming a novel).

There are so many good things about Kelly, that this post would never end if I were to list what they are. So, instead, I’ll take a more pragmatic approach. If I explain what I don’t like, and make a list, then you can safely assume that anything that is not listed, I like. Simple logic, it would seem.
So here it goes: 

There’s only one thing I don’t like about Kelly. What is that thing, you ask? I’ll show you a picture, and explain: 

Toilet Paper

The first time I had to make some toilet bowl stew at Kelly’s house, I found myself looking at the toilet paper. My first reaction was to take it out, and place it the way I like it – with the paper rolling out from the top.
But then, I thought to myself “this is it!” This was the first thing that I didn’t like about Kelly. And I smiled to myself, with my pants around my ankles, and gave in to her bizarre ways of buttock hygiene.

She will probably find out about this shortly after I hit the “publish” button, and tell me that I’m a huge dork. And then give me a kiss. And tell me that she loves me. Because that’s what she does. And guess what I’ll do?

That’s right. I’ll tell her that I love her too, as I return the kiss.