Dreamhost $120 billing accident

So I checked my bank account statement online today, like any good conscientious bank user. Everything looks normal, until I get to notice the “pending” on a $120 invoice from my hosting provider, Dreamhost. The :wtf: alarm is going off, that’s no pocket change!

I fire up the internets, and quickly find quite a few other people in distress about the same situation, to finally arrive at the official explanation: human error.  One of the guys in charge of the billing operation did a few clicks in the wrong places, and all users got billed for a year or two of hosting, which starts at $120 and goes up and up.

The nerd community is outraged and understandably so. What if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, and this billing error causes you to overdraw your account, resulting in penalty fees? Will they pay for those too? Will they bite the bullet and give away a free month or two of hosting? I don’t know.

What I do know is that it’s pretty respectable of them to fess up to their error, and to give a thorough explanation of what happened, and why. I mean, shit happens, but how you deal with it it’s what matters, and in my book, they’ve dealt with it just fine. Unlike some of the other users affected, who feel like after this, they cannot have their site hosted by Dreamhost any longer, I’m sticking with them, because they’re alright.