Merry Christmas!

Things down here are still going well. I´ve been eating a LOT of food, and everyone I meet gives me compliments on my chubby belly. I guess I’ll fall part of everyone who does a New Year’s resolution saying they’ll get in shape.

At any rate, I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We’re having a big dinner tonight, since it’s also my older brother’s birthday. We’ll be partying all night, and I hope that you’re having a nice one too.

Travel log: Day 1

Just to continue the ongoing theme, I figured I´d post a happier update about my trip.
I´ve made it home safely, and I am right now sitting in the living room of the house I grew up in. It´s nice to be home!

I had a nice reception at the Mendoza airport. My mom was there, with my 2 brothers, my grandparents and aunt on my mom´s side, and my other grandma and my godmother-aunt from San Juan. The weather also welcomed me with a lovely 35 °C, which translates to around 95 °F.
We came to the house and had some lunch, and what better way to start than with some home made tartas, which would be something like a quiche; not to mention the dessert: ambrosia – a family recipe of a dessert that can cure cancer. That´s right, it´s that awesome.

Right now I´m about to go take a nap. A lot of sleeping for short periods of time and seating down was ok, but I long for a real bed and the lack of interruptions. Stay tuned for more, although the updates won´t be coming as often while I´m here having a good ole time.