Juggling – Devil Sticks & Diabolos

One of my hobbies is juggling. It’s fun, keeps my eye-hand coordination going, and it’s an excellent way of entertaining children.
But juggling with just balls is a thing of the past, and that is why I’m posting about my 2 preferred methods of this “art”: Devil Sticks and Diabolos.

My first diabolo was purchased by me at a bus station in Mendoza, Argentina, and I learned a lot of tricks from watching juggling troupes in my high school back then. I still have this diabolo, it’s quite beat up, but it works great.
Since this guy is almost 10 years old, I’m going to retire it at Burning Man, a honorable farewell for such a device. I will paint to glow in the dark, and hope to be able to amaze people with my amazing tricks.
After that, I’ll be getting a new one, probably from the Higgins Brothers. Heck, I might even get two! 🙂

The other toys I have are known as Devil Sticks, and I’m not too good at them yet. I bought my first set a few years ago, in a store in Boulder(Colorado) called “Into The Wind“. I had seen them in action before, and I decided to invest in them, and I still have the bad boys. They are quite hard to master, but I’m getting there.
The version of Devil Sticks that I have are called LunaStix, but that’s just a brand. The name of the game is the same, and that name is fun, just in case you are having a hard time keeping up.

One of these days, when I’m feeling saucy, I shall make some videos of these hobbies of mine. In the meantime, you should trust me when I say that they’re great toys, for children of all ages (I’m almost 25!), and you should definitely look into them if you’re into developing these kind of skills.